Tick’s Thoughts on the Snapshot

 – Tick

I made the switch from a cocker threaded 14″ Ultralight to a 14″ LAPCO SnapShot (.687). The best thing I have noticed with LAPCO barrel is that it stays a lot cleaner than any other barrel I’ve owned.

When I started playing the game I used a Tippmann 98 with a flatline barrel. If anyone remembers using the flatline, they know how meticulously clean you have to keep them. Any dirt, dust, oil from paintballs in a flatline will cause your balls to fly in all sorts of crazy directions. The Ultralight I used to use on my cocker and Pnuemag always felt much the same way. The inner bore seemed to attract dirt and was always dirty, causing me to clean it often to avoid those squirrely shots. With the LAPCO Snapshot, I don’t worry about the barrel being clean unless I break paint. Most days, I can take off the barrel at the end of the day and it still shows a mirror finish, with little to no dust/dirt build up like I used to see in my old flatline barrel or my Ultralight.

I wish I knew more about their honing process, but from what I’ve seen, it gives a smoother finish than the other barrels I’ve shot. That goes a long ways when it comes to keeping the barrel cleaner