LAPCO – BigShot Assault/ 14″ /.687 Review


I was very impressed with the barrel. The quality was top notch and durable, yet still light in terms of weight. I had one break and it cleaned itself out by the second shot. At .687 I was still overbored quite a bit with the Allstar paint. There is no denying it, paint is getting smaller and smaller. However, the .687 brought me closer to the paint size, and this increased my air effeciency. The barrel was relatively quiet. And the big question of accuracy….loved it. This was performing just as well as my favorite J&J. At 25 yards I was testing a grouping, and could get all my shots within a 10″ circle…..most within 6″. This was the first time I used a 14″ barrel (I normally use 12″), and though that does nothing to barrel accuracy, it increased user accuracy. With a longer sight plain on the barrel I was able to acquire targets faster and that saved my life once with a single snapshot to a sniper’s goggles at 15 yards.¬†OVERALL ASSESMENT: I am extremely pleased with the Lapco barrel. It exceeded my expectations and lived up to the name.

*Reminder: A barrel is only as good as the paint you put in it. Get good paint, let your barrel truly shine.
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