MWB at Red Winter this weekend!

MWB is heading down to Wichita for the Red Winter scenario! Hope to see you there!


Paintball books

Guess what! There’s a good number of books on paintball. A lot of them are at your local library. Currently Omaha Public Library has a good number of em, so check them out! Here’s a list from the OPL catalog:


Here’s the complete listing of books and articles. There’s a few fiction, but The Complete Guide to Paintball, at least when I read it back in 1999 or so, was pretty good stuff.;jsessionid=7E246D95FE7DEC969DEE7B9E1389F79B?lang=eng&target=paintball&searchImageSumbitComponent.x=0&searchImageSumbitComponent.y=0

A Day in the Caves

There’s a storm coming. Multiple storms actually…supposed to get about 6-12 inches of snow in Omaha in the next 12 hours. The other will be a storm of Mud traveling to Kansas City for some action at Jaeger’s subsurface paintball. So far there’s about 30 of us headed down and we are READY to play. It’s seemed like a long winter, but it’s not over yet. We’ve been down there before and it is truly a blast.

Later next week we plan on having our first webisode giving everyone a little taste of Muddy and what we do, so check in regularly!