JT ProShield – Paint through the vents

– by Tick

I’ve used JT Proshield goggles with a Spectra lenses since I started playing paintball in 1998. Aside from a little fogging then the foam between the dual pane lenses wears out, I’ve never had a problem with these masks. My first JT mask lasted over 12 years before the strap wore out, so the choice to buy another Proshield was an easy one. I’ve had my current Proshield for about 2 years now. It is exactly the same as when I bought it, I haven’t even taken off the strap that it comes with. While playing the Red Winter scenario at The Edge Paintball Park in Wichita, KS this weekend, my Proshield really let me down. I took a shot directly under my left eye; below the lens were the vent holes are at. When the paintball exploded, the paint blew inside the mask into my left eye. Taking paint to the eyeball is very disorienting; I didn’t know what hit me as I fell to the dirt. I made my way off the field and flushed my eye out with water. Upon inspecting the mask to see what happened, nothing was broke on it, the paint just found its way through the vent holes to my eye. I wanted to use this experience though to let people know that cutting holes in the mask to allow more ventilation may also expose your eyes more danger than you realize.

Here are a few pictures of my goggles after being shot. Notice that all the paint on the lens is in the inside, NOT the outside.


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