Friggin Foggin!

As we returned from the caves, many of us dealt with fogging. Fortunately, many of us also have fan protection. Hoot had two fans on his JT Flex 8 and he was still fogging. To me that made no sense. Took a look at it, as I’d never really looked at one before, and there’s a ridge directly underneath where the bottom goggle vents are…that blew my mind that it was designed like that. It completely blocked any airflow, so we grabbed an x-acto blade and chopped off those ridges, which was completely unnoticeable, and it seemed to fix the problem. Note that in the little diagram I did below, the air flow represents what it would be like if the goggles were in place.


JT Proteus

I’ve got an old JT Proteus, from 2006, and it hasn’t let me down. Still have the original lenses in it too. That probably means I need to play more. Anyway, I had some issues with fogging and finally got a fan and battery pack from Uncle Nasty, who I think got these parts from Radio Shack for about $6. I’ll update this if that’s incorrect. Installed last Friday and had zero issues…worked like a charm.


V-FORCE Profiler Thermal Lens

Another nice addition to the VForce masks is the thermal lens. I know they’re baked to have the anti fog stuff with one single layer, but I also know that fogging sets in shortly after having them a while, so this could be interesting. They’re currently on pre-order as far as I know, so hopefully they don’t pull an angel eyes and have issues with everything. I wouldnt imagine they should. Here’s the link for that at


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